For a reel that is in between the Penn Battle II and the Stradic FK, I would recommend taking a look at the Pflueger Supreme XT which is a high-quality reel that does not cost a fortune. Visitez eBay pour une grande sélection de shimano stradic 5000. Shimano Reel Spinning Stradic 4000XG ST-4000XGFL (5892) ... Gomexus Power Knob For Shimano Stradic FL 4000 5000 Reel Handle 41mm Direct Fit . Venez découvrir tous les moulinets frein avant SHIMANO, VENEZ DÉCOUVRIR NOS OFFRES EN MAGASIN : This creates more stability and minimizes pinion gear twist and rotor deflection in extreme situations. Common Features and Specifications of Stradic series, you will find in both FK and CI4+ are. Achat 2018 nouveau Shimano STRADIC FK C5000XG Spinning Reel de pêche HAGANE Gear X-navire de pêche d'eau salée carpe d'attraction roue à prix discount. Left Handed Reels. Le X Protect protège l'anti-retour (qui est l'emplacement optimal pour une protection) ainsi que le galet de toute pénétration d'eau. The Hagane body prevents flex during the fight while maintaining superb balance and keeps hand fatigue to a minimum after a long day on the water. The STRADIC is already a well known and highly appreciated spinning reel which is used by hundred of thousands anglers, all over the world. Once you get it out on the water and get a fish on the other end you will very quickly see that under a load, the X-Ship makes a huge difference by helping to isolate the shaft and gearing which reduces the overall stress. I use a 9 foot steelhead rod and a Stradic 5000 FI loaded with 15 pound Power Pro. Already for years and years, all these anglers have the same experience about STRADIC: strong and reliable, a reel which will never let them down. I have tried almost every brand of high end spinning reels on the market. Topwater Reels . 41,31 EUR. I have tried almost every brand of high end spinning reels on the market. For the higher-end angler that wants a reel that can go from finessing the smaller species to holding up under the load of a large bull red or snook, I can highly recommend purchasing this great reel. HIVER du mardi au samedi: 9h-12h30 / 14h-19h Shopping Cart. Dépêchez-vous. The Shimano® Stradic® FK Spinning Reel incorporates the latest Shimano technology while retaining the high-performance features that Stradic reels have always been known for. The anti-reverse bearing design has been completely reworked and in the process, friction has been reduced by over 25%. Larger Stainless Steel Bail – The bail is something that can often be overlooked. We also carry all Shimano parts for your reels… The new Shimano Stradic … The Stradic C5000XG and the 4000XG have exactly the same outside dimensions for all parts of the reel except for the knob and the spools diameter. Well, Shimano has done it again, in this Shimano Stradic FK reel review we will show you why this is such a popular reel. What's Hagane: Hagane stands for a new strength, robustness, durability and reliability in reels. Limited Time Deals in Shimano Stradic 5000 Spinning Fishing Reels. From shirts, hoodies, hats, beanies, and even some lures we have all you want to dress out in Shimano gear. This is out of a total of 1.6 oz difference between the two. If you’re looking for a quality reel that will last you for many years to come and perform well with everything from your smaller species such as trout all the way up to the bull reds, snookies and even larger species such as Tarpon with the 5000 series, then you can’t go wrong with the Shimano Stradic FK. Le STRADIC FL est plus puissant, plus résistant, plus doux et permet des lancers plus longs. The new STRADIC FL - successor of the FK - will of course carry this same identity: strong and reliable. It allows you to retrieve 41 inches of line per crank. For those of you who want all the details I have provided the chart below. For those of you familiar with the legendary Shimano quality, it will be no surprise that this reel is quiet, durable and beautiful while providing an extremely smooth retrieve rate of between 31-41 inches. … I think you will find this reel to be as good if not better than most other spinning reels you’ve ever used when it comes to line management. The new Shimano Stradic FX comes in 5 models ranging from the 1000HGFX weighing in at just 6.9 oz up to the largest 5000XGFK with a weight of 11.3 oz. The pinion gear is also supported by two Shimano A-RB roller bearings. Introducing the new Shimano Stradic, the product of CONTINUOUS EVOLUTION. Well, Shimano has done it again, in this Shimano Stradic FK reel review we will show you why this is such a popular reel. The reel is made of high-quality materials such as magnesium and even incorporates carbon fiber into the handle keeping the reel strong and lightweight. Quelle est Hagane: HAGANE représente une force nouvelle, la robustesse, la durabilité et la fiabilité en bobines. The new Stradic FK uses a larger stainless steel bail with an increased opening vs a plastic lever and incorporates a heavy duty spring and metal bar which gives a solid snap sound and feeling when engaged. You can deploy your new Stradic FL in the freshwater and the saltwater, targeting everything from trout and bass to salmon, tailor and mackerel from the beach, rocks, and outside the heads. This reel is sure not to let you down. For those of you familiar with the legendary Shimano quality, it will be no surprise that this reel is quiet, durable and beautiful while providing an extremely smooth retrieve rate of between 31-41 inches. Hagane Body – The high-quality Hagane body provides a level of durability and rigidity that is required to withstand unexpected shocks. Focus your passion on your fishing with the all-new Stradic FK series spinning reels! Your email address will not be published. Boat Reels. Cette technologie de protection avancée augmente la durée de vie du moulinet et lui confère un haut niveau de protection même dans les conditions d'utilisation les plus rudes. HOME. The name Shimano and Quality go hand in hand when comes to fishing reels. Livraison gratuite . High-quality materials and engineering are fairly common in your larger more expensive offshore spinning reels like the Shimano Stella Saltwater. Shimano Stradic 4000 XG FK - Ce nouveau développement des bobines Stradic se concentre sur un nouveau concept technologique de Shimano appelé "Hagane". Read the full review of the Penn Battle II HERE. The Stradic FK does a good job with line management due to a well-designed spool which they call the AR-C cold forged which incorporates a smooth lip design. The Shimano Stradic FK Spinning Reels were designed with technical inshore anglers in mind, who demand toughness and durability in their spinning reels. Découvrez vite les promotions … Max … Surf/Rock Reels. At first, this takes a little getting used to as it does require a little more pressure on the handle to re-engage the bail. Personally, I have experienced very few line twists and wind knots. Personally, I like to flip the bail by hand and I think that it adds to the longevity of your reel. The Shimano Stradic FI series is the finest reel … The Stradic series from Shimano is the ONLY reel I have found that consistently handles braid perfectly. 1, rue de la Vilaine 35132 Vezin Le Coquet Daiwa Procyon LT 6.2:1 Left/Right Hand Compact Spinning Reel - … I would visit my local Bass Pro or another retailer if that is an option. Anglers can focus on their fishing passion by relying on precise gear cutting technology and Shimano cold-forging. At the foundation of this great reel is the Hangane precision technology that incorporates a cold forged drive gear coupled with the X-SHIP pinion gear to ensure a perfect smooth gear mesh at all times, even under heavy loads like a bull red. This results in just an incredibly silky smooth feel both when retrieving a jerk bait through your favorite grassy flat water to reeling in your biggest catch of the day. Free Shipping Included. Learn how your comment data is processed. Free shipping for many products! Le Stradic FK reprend également certaines caractéristiques du Stradic FJ, un moulinet aux qualités éprouvées. Spinning Reels. was - $249.99 | 26% OFF. Shimano Speedmaster/Tyrnos. Vous pourriez être intéressé également par : Le Coin du Pecheur - 1, rue de la Vilaine 35132 Vezin Le Coquet, Moulinet spinning Shimano Stradic FL 1000 à 5000. Tous ces éléments font du Moulinet spinning Shimano Stradic FL,  le moulinet polyvalent idéal. Softbait Reels. Larger diameter drag knob which makes it easier to adjust your drag, particularly if it is a cold morning and you have gloves on. Game Fishing Reels. While the entire body is not 100% metal, it is primarily metal allowing for precision engineering which leads to a smoother reel. La plus belle Boutique de Sport du Web vous guide vers une large sélection d'articles de Sport et Sportswear des plus grandes marques, le tout à prix smashé ! While I agree that not being able to back spool in tight situations can be an inconvenience, this change was not done without any thought going into it. Shimano Saragosa. Fishing Reels. Les meilleures offres pour Shimano Stradic 5000 FK XG Freshwater Spinning Fishing Reel sont sur eBay Comparez les prix et les spécificités des produits neufs et … Il peut être utilisé pour toutes les pêches en eau douce et est particulièrement indiqué là où la robustesse et la puissance sont de rigueur (pêche en rivière, gros poissons, gros leurres). 16,50 EUR. Read the full review of the Pfleuger Supreme XT HERE. Slow Jigging Reels. This design was first utilized in the more expensive Shimano Stella. Fish lures or baits using mono or braid. Quels sont les avantages de ce Moulinet spinning Shimano Stradic FL ? Le nouveau Stradic FK utilise la dernière technologie de Shimano "Hagane", laquelle a été conçue pour permettre une utilisation très dense et intensive de votre moulinet. Shimano seems to think it makes sense to apply this same quality to their smaller Stradic FK models as well, which is awesome. Hello , i am trying to figure out if the FK 4000 is the exact same size as the 5000 with a slightly shallower spool . G Free Body – The center of the mass of the reel has been moved closer to the rod to improve the weight and balance in your hand. The best place to buy Shimano gear for your fishing reels, and the soft goods and accessories to go along with them. - Silent Drive : Le Silent Drive se définit par 11 composants internes qui réduisent le jeu dans la manivelle afin de supprimer tout bruit ou sensation parasite venant du moulinet ou de l'axe d'oscillation. Required fields are marked *. A few of the other minor features that have been incorporated into the new Shimano Stradic FK are: One of the things that people have been talking about (complaining about) is that Shimano removed the anti-reverse switch. Spinning reels are a major attraction at Anaconda, such as Shimano Nasci, Shimano Sedona and Shimano Sienna spinning reels, but there is a whole lot more to discover at Anaconda. COMPARE STRADIC CI4+ FB Striking good looks, lightweight with a solid feel, and an ultra smooth reeling experience combine to win the hearts of anglers around the globe. That is a whole lot of line that can be retrieved with the single turn of the handle. According to some, this new rotor design is actually 200% more rigid than in the FJ model which provides you with greater power when fighting larger fish. What this means is that you can feel the strike better and that you can fight the fish better. Baitcast Reels. 5 Best Saltwater Spinning Reels Under $100, Read the full review of the Penn Battle II HERE, Read the full review of the Pfleuger Supreme XT HERE, One of the best saltwater spinning reel under $200 for inshore fishing, Very smooth reel with a great smooth drag, High level of manufacturing quality throughout designed to withstand saltwater, Very strong Hagane body and gears for durability. Shimano | Reels | Spinning | STRADIC FK Due to Shimano’s constant product development, product specifications may vary from those shown on this website. Inspirez, expirez, économisez ! This is a smooth, powerful, incredibly durable reel that will easily match up to any quarry in freshwater, as well as inshore saltwater. tél: 02 99 60 82 60 Bringing Shimano Hagane reel design concept to anglers who demand toughness and durability in their tackle. I use a 9 foot steelhead rod and a Stradic 5000 FI loaded with 15 pound Power Pro. Shimano ne cesse d'améliorer ses produits et c'est ce que la marque vous propose une fois de plus cette année avec ce modèle de Stradic FK. Propulsion Line Management – Cast aside all of the marketing speak. Additionally, you will not tire as easily after a long day on the water = no forearm fatigue. The Stradic Shimano spinning reels series provides more than what hard-core anglers demand and hardcore fishing take. Au délà des dernières technologies de la marque, ce moulinet se voit équipé d'un nouveau bâti parfaitement équilibré, d'un frein étanche et surtout d'engrenages ultra résistants Hagane. This design was first utilized in the more expensive Shimano Stella and is also available on the Shimano Stradic FK and ... a gear drive system that is both durable and smooth in this Shimano spinning reel. Manual Product Technologies. What rod and what species of fish are you targeting? What this means for you is that your new reel is made of the highest quality metal components built to last the test of time. Our extensive fishing collection includes fluorocarbon and monofilament fishing line, rod and reel combos, fly rods, gaffs, jigging equipment and all over fishing essentials and accessories. Hagane Gears – The Hagane precision cold forged gears provide one of the smoothest retrieve experiences you will ever have, especially under a load. The Shimano Stradic FK reel is an excellent choice for both fresh and saltwater and is available HERE. The Shimano Stradic FI series is the finest reel … Dépêchez-vous . En même temps, ce moulinet est le choix idéal pour pêcher en mer à proximité de la côte. The word “Hagane” actually originates back to the high-quality steel that was used to make samurai swords, which were legendary for their strength in battle. Tous ces systèmes de protection n'affectent en rien la rotation ultra douce du rotor ni les performances du galet. Newly designed line clip to make it easier to attach your line when not rigged. Gomexus Power Handle for Shimano Stradic Stella 2500 3000 Reel CNC Machined 98mm. Shimano Stradic FK Spinning Reel Review. Shimano Stella. Shimano Stradic C5000 XG FK, compact spinning reel. Achetez en toute sécurité et au meilleur prix sur eBay, la livraison est rapide. ÉTÉ du lundi au samedi: 9h-12h30 / 14h-19h, "Un site et un magasin à vos côtés depuis 1994". Daiwa Saltist 8000 5.3:1 Saltwater Spinning Fishing Reel - SALTIST8000. X-Shield – 12 gaskets to keep water and grime out. - X Protect : Le X Protect est un système unique de joint en caoutchouc à trois lèvres, conçu pour empêcher l'eau de pénétrer dans le moulinet. Coreprotect – Coreprotect provides you with 360-degree all-weather water resistance to make sure that this reel will last a lifetime if you take care of it. Subscribe to our mailing list and receive updates about new gear and special deal alerts. Ceci vous assure de bonnes performances sur long terme sans affecter la fluidité naturelle du moulinet. If you are looking for something a bit less expensive then I would recommend that you check out the Penn Battle II which is still a quality reel but can be had for about half the price (typically $99) of the Shimano Stradic FK. - Plus léger = mieux équilibré, plus pratique, - MicroModule II = rotation plus légère et plus douce, - Engrenages plus puissants = engrenages plus résistants, - Silent Drive = composants internes repositionnés pour moins de jeu et moins de bruit, - X Protect = meilleure étanchéité => ni l’eau ni la poussière ne peuvent s’infiltrer dans le moulinet, - Bobine à grande ouverture = distance de lancer améliorée. Believe it or not, the knob on the 5000 weights 1.23 oz more than the 4000. CONTACT . This new development of the Stradic reels focuses on a new technological concept of Shimano called "Hagane". Jigging Reels. I do not have both models in front of me to check that out, and I have not been able to find that specification in any of the documentation from Shimano. The Shimano Stradic FL reel is available in sizes 1000 to 5000. Products Description Condition Brand new in Box Brand SHIMANO Model Stradic C5000XG FK Reel type Spinning Gear Ratio 6.2:1 MAX DRAG 11.0kg RETRIEVE PER TURN 105cm Line Capacity Fluoro #5-135m / Nylon Mono #5-150m / PE #3(30lb)-190m Ball Bearing 6 S A-RB+1 Weight 320g HANDLE RIGHT OR LEFT HANDLE The FK 5000’s reel foot is a hair too large for my reel seat so i wanted to know if the 4000 is the same size. If you are looking to step up a bit in quality and performance from something like the Daiwa Fuego LT or the Pflueger Supreme XT, then the Shimano Stradic FK is an excellent choice that provides a very impressive combination of weight, strength, and smoothness. Moulinet spinning Shimano Stradic FL 1000 à 5000 Le Moulinet spinning Shimano … Bearings: 6+1: Gear Ratio: 6.0:1: Weight: 6.9-11.3 Oz. Like anything, if it’s going to be around saltwater, you’re going to need to care for your reel. RÉSULTAT: Rotation encore plus douce, du jamais vu ! - MicroModule II : L‘engrenage Micromodule II est la version améliorée du Micromodule . By positioning the pinion gear close to the center line of the large diameter drive gear, more power is transferred from the handle to the rotor. X-Ship – X-Ship is a combination of features that work together to create much greater efficiency. Il est doté de dents très fines pour une transmission encore plus fluide. Chaque aspect a été étudié pour améliorer l'expérience et le plaisir du pêcheur sur l'eau. The new design is a bit more compact and angular which seems to playoff the key Hagane design. STORE. Shimano STRADIC 5000 FK Spinning Reels.Best price Fishing Direct NZ ! Five sizes offers to target anything in freshwater and inshore saltwater. Electric Reels. La graisse entre la deuxième et troisième lèvre résiste à une pression d'eau élevée. © 2017-2020 Salted Angler Holdings, LLC - All Rights Reserved. I am sorry I could not be of more help. This year the finish is a little more polished in a nice platinum color versus the traditional white. Le coin du pêcheur Incorporating exciting concepts like Hagane Gear, G-Free Body, CI4+, X-Ship, CoreProtect, and the totally new Magnumlite Rotor which … At first, it seems that Stradic FK may be similar to a number of other reels in its price class, especially if you’re simply comparing it in your favor tackle shop. Résultat : un fonctionnement totalement silencieux et ultra fluide, même sous pression. $203.99. Your email address will not be published. X-SHIP provides a smoother and stronger precision gear system that places a bearing on the pinion. En plus, le moulinet Shimano Stradic FL sera doté de caractéristiques : - Fluidité de Rotation (MicroModule II, Silent Drive), - Longévité (robustesse des engrenages Hagane augmentée, X-Protect, - Performances de Lancer (Bobine à grande ouverture). While this difference does not make itself apparent when you are in the store under no load, the difference does become apparent rather quickly once adequate pressure has been applied (a big fish). Livraison gratuite. Gomexus Poignée Moulinet pour Shimano Stradic FK FL 1000-4000 Twin Power XD 1000-5000 Daiwa Luvias 1003-3012 Moulinet Spinning Bouton Direct 38mm Métal 【Taille et poids】: 38mm/1.50" ,29g , ajoute le moins de poids possible à votre moulinet. L'engrenage Hagane: La force et la robustesse exceptionnelle rendre l'engrenage Hagane au cœur de la bobine. was - $249.95 | 18% OFF. Make Offer - 2018 Shimano Spinning Reel 18 STRADIC SW 5000PG Shore Jigging 5000 PG Shimano Ceramic Super Tune STRADIC 4000FL, 4000MHGFL, 4000XGFL, C5000XGFL (19) C $113.82 Magnumlite Rotor – Magnumlite is a new material that is even lighter than Ci4 and Ci4+ by as much as 30%. Grâce aux différents modèles, taille et ratio, il y a forcément un STRADIC au sein de la gamme pour chaque pêcheur. The Stradic FK 5000 has a 6.2:1 gear ratio, this is quite the high gear ratio for a spinning reel. Baitrunner Reels. En plus des joints d'étanchéité, une construction en labyrinthe aide à maintenir l'étanchéité encore plus longtemps. While you may not notice the difference right away with a smaller fish, once you hook into something that is sizable you’ll instantly notice how smooth the pressure is throughout the entire drag range with no jerking or stuttering that is so common in less quality reels. Conclusion, the 4000 and the 5000 are the same reels with different spools and knobs, otherwise they appear identical. The Shimano Stradic FK is a proven performer in this price class for everyone from the serious hobbyist to the charter captain. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Shimano Stradic 5000 FK XG Freshwater Spinning Fishing Reel at the best online prices at eBay! Drag Quality – The Shimano Stradic FK uses a combination of both felt and steel washers to provide ample drag. The Stradic series from Shimano is the ONLY reel I have found that consistently handles braid perfectly. There have been a few modifications to the legendary Stradic which make it a little bit better balanced in my opinion and more durable, including the addition of several new seals to keep water from penetrating this beauty. Daiwa Ballistic LT 5.1:1 Freshwater Left/Right Hand Spinning Reel - BLSLT6000D-C. $185.99. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.