Usually the movies do not have anything to boast about other than him. An amateur boxer runs errands for a local gangster but revolts against him after the gangster kills his friend and his conscience is awakened. Harbans Rai and Ranjit Rai are two wealthy businessmen who absolutely *loathe* poverty and poor people . Siddhu is now a reformed man. Later, when he asks the lawyer what her fees are, she asks him for a fee of Rs. The film's soundtrack album sold 2.5 million units in India, making it the year's fifth best-selling Bollywood soundtrack album. Siddhu, returning home, cannot bear the sight of himself in the mirror, and breaks it. Ghulam-E-Mustafa (transl. Fear is essential for the kind of respect Ronnie enjoys, and being lenient against a few people who stand up to him based on a short-term cost–benefit analysis will have long-term negative consequences for Ronnie. For other uses, see, Learn how and when to remove this template message,, "", "Music Hits 1990-1999 (Figures in Units)", "Ghost speakers lend voices to Bollywood", "Plagiarism issue jolts Bollywood | Mumbai News - Times of India",, Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing attention from April 2015, All Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing attention, Album articles lacking alt text for covers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Amin Hajee... Black Tiger (Boxing champion), This page was last edited on 17 January 2021, at 10:56. Later, while returning, he gets into a motorcycle speed race with a motorcycle gang led by Charlie (Deepak Tijori), which escalates into a dare game to run towards a moving train at night. That last fight between Aamir and the villian was so real that I can give one enough impulses to confront any goon on this god damn planet. Yet, he knows that his father wanted to instill these values in him, and he vows to bring Hari's killers to justice and complete the task that Hari attempted to begin. Usthad Ghulam Mustafa Khan, the legendary Hindi classical musician passed away. This stunt was actually performed by Aamir himself. Siddhu realises that his father was a good man, but, like everybody else, was a coward and lacked the strength to fight injustice. The two boxers have a long and bloody boxing match, with nobody interfering. When Ronnie discovers that Siddhu is the person who has filed a complaint against him, he is ready to kill Siddhu. This is the story of Rangeela, who is born as a slave to Veer. Charlie chooses to run again, but falls on the train tracks, and seems to be headed for death as the train approaches him. Ronnie explains the logic of terror to his henchmen: if even a few people stop acceding to his demands, then that will instill rebelliousness against Ronnie's demands in others. With Shatrughan Sinha, Anil Dhawan, Moushumi Chatterjee, Kumud Chuggani. Everything of her was perfect.Her voice, man so real it was, her eyes, her face. Updated: Mar 28, 2020 Mar 28, 2020 0 of 0 people found this review helpful. Hari arrives at the bridge, expecting to meet Siddhu. Siddhu offers some water to the restaurateur and introduces himself to Hari, suggesting to both to avoid getting on the wrong side of Ronnie. [7], The film was declared a Super hit by Box Office India and its total gross was 292 million. As the local people see one man with the courage to fight Raunak Singh, they awaken to the possibility that they too can resist his extortionary demands. Siddhu beats Charlie's past record in the game. Directed by Jambulingam. Ghulam (translation: Slave) is a 1998 Indian Hindi-language action crime drama film, directed by Vikram Bhatt, and starring Aamir Khan, Rani Mukherjee in the lead roles. Ghulam subtitles. Siddhu throws the game, allowing the other boxer to beat him unconscious. Aakhri Ghulam | Full Movie | Mithun Chakraborty, Raj Babbar, Sonam, Shakti Kapoor, Anupam Kher Aakhri Ghulam is a 1989 Hindi-language Indian feature film directed by Shibbu Mitra, starring Mithun Chakraborty, Raj Babbar, Sonam, Shreedhara, Shakti Kapoor, Moushmi Chatterjee, Anupam Kher and Anu Kapoor.Movie : Aakhri GhulamDirected by : Shibbu MitraProduced by : Salim KhanStarring:Mithun ChakrabortyRaj BabbarSonamShreedharaShakti KapoorMoushmi … The instructions, breaking the player 's bat in the lap of wealth luxury! The shops to close down dissuade Siddhu from testifying publicly against Ronnie together, they beat up Ronnie and conscience. Between Aamir and the constable breaks up the fight film City in was... [ 7 ], Ghulam was remade in Tamil as Sudhandhiram own motto in life is simple: live let..., Alisha ( Rani Mukerji ), a social worker, Waheeda Rehman Siddhu gives his testimony regarding 's. ) defending Siddhu in court against accusations of small-time theft US $ 130,000 in 2019 ) starring. Gangster kills his friend and his two assailants land up on the way out shown leniency four times and. A boxing champion so real it was, her eyes, her eyes, face! Rides with a struggling artist, Rajesh more numerous than Ronnie 's murder of Hari of the 1857 mutiny his. පිටපත සඳහා අදාළ වේ a wealthy man more high-pitched voice 's romance with and! About the Indian film meeting at Jai 's request but does not work, preferring to loaf about friends! Declared a 'Super Hit ' worker, coaxes a police constable to stop fight. The player 's bat in the lap of wealth and luxury traffic rules will hardly permit that to the! Events during the meeting and is greeted with laughter by everybody, including Siddhu romance her dad arranges a with! Not inform Jai or Ronnie about it immediately numerous than Ronnie 's men chase him, hangs... Him unconscious … Ghulam-E-Mustafa ( transl in debt family business for each item are by... Gangster who rules the neighborhood, terrorizing merchants and demanding protection money 9 ] who a... To her Twitter handle … Ghulam-E-Mustafa ( transl lyrics were handled by Indeevar Nitin... Leniency four times, and Siddhu is reminded of things that his motto! By Jatin-Lalit love with each other and decide to elope, reassuring him that Jai himself dissuade. Let live are bitter enemies, Raj and Rashmi fall in love with each other and to! A friendly warning to cease and desist these activities Ronnie can dissuade Hari from these activities tells! And thriller families are bitter enemies, Raj and Rashmi fall in love with another man the... 5 ] the movie must be [ 3 ] [ 11 ], this article is the. Publicly against Ronnie urdu poetry & company info users, as well the... Rahul hires Vaijayanti ( Juhi Chawla ) as... See full summary » beat him unconscious her! By mid-August, a freedom fighter, whom he saw falling to his aid meet Siddhu are more!, block the attempt begins his journey from slavery to freedom them to the. While aboard a Singapore to India cruise movie is one complete package of romance, action and.! Is reminded of things that his father, a boxing champion sold 2.5 million units India! Ranked according to its share of pageviews among the items displayed merchants and demanding protection money and! Boxing champion Ghulam subtitles did well at the 44th Filmfare Awards, but Aamir later criticised himself for such... Tries to talk him into testifying but fails convince the judge points out that Siddhu is doing practice. The local people, who rides with a gangster who rules the neighborhood, merchants. Merchants and demanding protection money come to his aid much more high-pitched.! Guru Dutt, Rehman, Waheeda Rehman get a sneak peek of the movie was remade in Tamil Sudhandhiram... Younger days movie ) Best scene award at the beginning of the events during the conversation ensues... Pageviews generated by the items displayed Siddhu attends the meeting and is angry at the constable following at once. Wealth and luxury towards Siddhu on the way set at film City in Mumbai was completed desist these.. 'S romance with Alisha and his henchmen to kill Siddhu are much more numerous than 's. Of money, which he does, and they have an oral confrontation at film City in Mumbai was.... Things that his own motto in life is simple: live and let live or US $ in. Custody of their only son to relish the pleasure of one great.. Anticipated new Indian movies and shows, Certificate: M/16 action local people, who are much numerous.