Rafts … The Black skin on the bottom layer comprises a thick Polyvinyl Chloride material reducing the chances of getting torn apart easily. Thanks. The Aluminum seats that come with this raft allows for more efficient weight distribution, ensuring your stability. I bought one from you last year and it worked great. I bought the yellow 330 and it screams, even with a 6hp! I use my electric engine, and it runs nice. But I'm sure you'll be able to get more $$ for it in the future, especially as they listen to feedback and make the changes that I'm seeing. Saturn’s improvement on this raft’s buoyancy lets you pack more gear an include more people without capsizing. Enjoy the outdoors! Usually, these types of boats have fins on their tubes to improve their maneuverability. GPS in hand, we did "speed trials". The delivery was prompt, the product was excellent... even the bag is big enough so that everything fits in it when it's folded up. Everyone asked me about the raft. Miami is really a great area to have a boat. When I pulled the boat out of the water I looked at the bottom and saw absolutely nothing!!! 2. All seams are neatly glued and the boat. You were great! Just can't say enough. I love it! I have to say, it is holding up very well and performs like a champ. I am seeing more and more on the river these days. We have a lot of fun with this boat. This factor makes us beg for the question of whether or not the shiny specs list outweighs Saturn’s consistency. I've logged 26 days on the river with it so far this year. I'm about 5 overnighters deep, along with some day trips this year. Saturn river rafts unique self-bailing system gives you the chance to choose the best speed for optimum performance. I just inflate/deflate for every use and roll it up. You have a product, you know your market... GO GET IT! Hope all is well. i dive with my boat in Monterey Bay- California takes 3-4 people with dive gear. These are inevitably fall trips for us; bird season doesn’t start until October. Saturn’s improvement on this raft’s buoyancy lets you pack more gear an include more people without capsizing. The 14 foot raft is, to the whitewater river rafting industry, the swiss army knife of rafts. A higher denier of Polyvinyl Chloride mixed with Polyester makes this raft’s highly weatherproof and abrasion-resistant, assuring you of its durability. 9.6. I really thought this boat would be well made and pretty, but I want to tell you that it is MUCH better than I expected. Very convient boat, well worth the money!!. Thanks you for a wonderful product. Your web site is first rate. The massive diameter of this raft’s tubes and the added chambers make the 16′ Saturn Outfitter KaBoat a step up from the brand’s standard line up. A Polyvinyl Chloride splash guard wraps around this raft to keep your gear dry. And I still haven’t had a problem with it falling apart yet, besides a little delamination in the transom: and when I drive my boat I drive it to go as fast as I can. Hello Cody, I purchase a raft from you three years ago and it’s doing great, awesome as a matter of fact. To my surprise, the boat didn't capsize. As the name suggests, this type of raft lets you traverse varying whitewater classes with reduced risk for injury. These are some of my thoughts, so you have feedback: The handles, while plentiful, are too low on the boat as they hurt my hands when carrying, and they also knock watches and bracelets off. So is the jacket. Meeting at the perfect crossroads of affordability, … Thanks again and I will get some pictures off to you. Got new one though and will try to get alot more for ya before summer is out. Good performance. Their determination to provide us with the best of everything we could needs manifests in their products’ excellent quality and performance. I live in Miami, FL and I use my Saturn Inflatable in the ocean. We personally raft … I keep it fully inflated on the trailer inside my garage so I’m sure that helps. Saturn RD290 Mini Whitewater Raft (9'-6") Granted … the Saturn RD290 is not the first and only quality mini raft designed to handle the rigors of serious whitewater. I just wanted to let you know that I took the raft on the Nantahala River a couple of weeks ago and the raft was amazing. The 14' Saturn Whitewater Raft has been our top seller over the past decade and continues to be the raft of choice for customers looking for a whitewater raft that can comfortably seat a big family group and … Thanks again." Inflatable fishing boats offer impressive versatility both on and off the water for virtually every style angler. Quality construction. And, I expect I'll be a ready reference for you and your products. Each chamber will remain airtight with the C7 inflation valves and allows for quick inflation and deflation. Adding extra layers of Polyvinyl Chloride and chafe protection on the tubes’ bottoms assures you of this cataraft’s durability, letting you get your money’s worth. What a wonderful boat! Here are a couple of shots for your records. like my old Zodiac . We received our SK430 boat last week and were able to test drive it over the weekend and we were totally impressed. They are a great product. Its drop-stitched construction assures you of durability that can take a beating. I'll send pics after I get the seating installed and coolers repositioned. Let’s find out what sets them apart from the competition. A: Saturn’s inflatable rafts all have multiple air chambers that ensure your safety if one segment gets punctured. I bought my Saturn 11 and put a 9.9 on it last year. If you opted out of getting these kits, duct or gorilla tape usually does the trick as long as the puncture does not reach below the waterline. We built one of our own, but it doesn't quite as well as one that is made for it might. After it dried there was actually a mark about 5 feet long (looked like faded white chalk because the stick was painted white) where the stick hit the bottom but no tear, not even a dimple. it has already paid for itself in the rental fees that i would have had to pay on the various rivers & creeks that my family, friends & i have traveled in, I purchased an SD260 from you this year and have been very happy with the boat. I haven't noticed too many "Saturn" inflatables in Maine waters, but people have asked me about mine, and I can assure you that I have nothing but positive comments about the product and your customer service. Our friends are always borrowing it for a “dinghy” ride. I also have a small 8HP Honda Engine to power my inflatable. I hope business is good and you are doing well. i just wanted to let you guys know that i appreciate the way you do business. Using Thermofusion to seal this raft’s seams improves on the raft… I've unintentionally rigorously tested my Saturn inflatable in rough seas. This raft’s multi-layer protective covering on the bottom reaches halfway up to its sidewalls, making it highly resistant against abrasions. Thanks for the great delivery. RD365XL is great for fishing on a river, or whitewater rafting. Thanks for putting out such a great product at a reasonable price. I couldn't believe the bomb-proof construction of the tubes...they're rock solid, and the air floor is unbelievably comfortable, yet amazingly rigid. While we have provided you an extensive list, though, it is best to know how each factor affects one another to let you choose accordingly. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for SATURN 11 ft Inflatable Boat Dinghy Raft Tender at Amazon.com. The cataraft can carry up to 1800 lbs., making it the perfect companion for your multi-day camping trips. Hopefully, this guide helps you choose a more appropriate raft for your needs. I’ll actually judge the product. "Saturn Triton Series" with upgraded PVC, heat-welded seams, and C7 valves. If I have to go and buy a new one after 10 years I am completely fine with that - it costs 1400 freaking dollars!!! True Story: I was running hard, throttle wide open, back from my fishing spot my brother-in-law in the front of the boat so I didn't see a 3 foot long stick that appears to have been stuck vertically in the mud at the bottom of the water. The water eventually drained out thanks to the one-way drain plug. But self-supported with massive agendas in 100cfs through forty miles of rock garden means only one thing: IK. What a great price! I’ve lived here most of my adult life and couldn’t ask for a better region to explore and disseminate: rugged mountains, remote seacoasts and high desert rivers are some of my favorite ecosystems. After dropping the passengers off at the dock I got it up to 19.5. I was worried that once I got to put it in the water I'd have problems and the warranty would be expired or something. These two types of Saturn rafts have two hulls connected by either a close inflatable floor or a steel frame. Saturn boasts of its inflatable floor’s extreme rigidity, assuring excellent stability. She seems to like the Deschutes river in Oregon quite a bit. Its narrow construction prioritizes optimizing speed, and they usually have dedicated slots on its rear for a motor attachment. Saturn whitewater rafts are used by many commercial rafting shops around the US and Canada. I have had my SD365 since this last fall and now have begun to run it out on our small lake by the house. I will buy a Saturn again and also highly recommend these boats to anyone looking for a well made inflatable boat that can take a beating. I told them how well it was holding up, they were amazed. Hey Saturn Rafts, here's some pictures of when I took the raft out, I went down the lower Yellowstone and the lower Stillwater. On the other hand they work as a good foothold for climbing out of the water. All in all a great value. It took rocks well and was so easy to guide. A Polyvinyl Chloride splash guard wraps around this raft to keep your gear dry. With the 25 hp 2-stroke Tohatsu motor and the hard wood floor (converted a SD385 floor to fit) this boat flies. Just got my 14’8” Saturn Triton whitewater raft. It now barely lifts the bow when taking off at all. What turned out to be a transmission problem kept us to about the same speeds the trolling motor gave us. Just about the biggest, baddest one you can find. The Saturn is a great raft. Thank you so much for getting it to me so quickly. We’ve listed down the highest variants of every type of inflatable raft Saturn has to offer. It was my first time manning the oars on a raft, and I can't wait to get out again! The abundance of patented designs produced over 30 years of being in the industry proves their determination to provide consumers with the best quality and technology. The next three times was with a malfunctioning 1974 20 hp Mercury. Fully loaded with the wife and 2 kids we did 17.7 mph. A: The high-pressure upon inflation makes inflatable floors as sturdy as hardwood floors. You too can make great memories with just simply a dependable raft. The paddles are a nice touch. Greetings" Manuel, FL. ...and your boat was the star last night as the 12ft was able to maneuver where most could not. I have a 12ft. Offering a vast array of accessories makes them a one-stop-shop, letting you look no further for your trip’s appropriate gear. I have put that one thru hell. It also easily smashes through 3 to 4 foot waves. As for the water, there is less of it, and the choice of boat to haul you and your swag through a boney crack in the earth can be decisive. If you live near a river or big lake, I'm sure you'll have just as much fun with a boat like mine. Very stable, safe and fun. Thanks for marketing this great boat at such a motivating price. I just bought it in March. A repair kit included in the package enables you to fix and immediately get back on the water. Thanks for a great product. It helped to get the boat to plane easier. I took it down the river about 10 trips, class 4 and 5 water. Some people were hating them most likely because they were PO’d that they paid too much for their raft of the same quality. Thanks - Hhan Olsen, Bought this from you guys last year. Our customer satisfaction rate is 98% and we continue to be one of the fastest … Saturn Rafts. The worst thing that happened was that the boat then became like a "hot tub" because it was full of water. But pump rather light duty. Took her out for the first time last week, great boat! They did great on the Kenai river last weekend. Moving the raft around or jumping onto it also exerts extra pressure that could stress the raft material. Im impressed with the quality of SD365 and only wish I had a larger motor than a 9.9. Life Raft Inflation Equipment. Footnote to dialing in the right boat for the Owyhee, we liked the results so much we picked up another Saturn duckie. I was hoping to surprise my husband for his birthday. Rub strakes cover the tubes of this Catamaran’s bottom, making it highly durable. Surfhungry.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. This is one of the best-selling inflatable boats by Saturn, specially designed to handle the fast-flowing rivers or the… It is quite fitting, though, for their home base boasts of having whitewater rafting locations in every corner, letting you get your fill of adventure anytime. The latest release of the Saturn KaBoat uses a German Heytex PVC material, which promises excellent durability that could take a beating. Its elevated floor creates the smallest drags, allowing for smoother tracking and improved speed. Love my Saturn by the way. Anyway I am going on a week long trip again and want to get some spare Valve fill adapters. This patented combination of a kayak and dinghy boat makes the Saturn KaBoat highly versatile. Saturn Rafts bring simple pleasures. It did raise the bow rather extremely upon taking off but I grabbed a couple of those lifters advertised on your accessories page and that was the end of that. Brand names just don’t pull weight with me. Its 16-inch tubes improve on this raft’s buoyancy, supporting its massive carrying capacity. Those people that call ‘em “ Cheapo rafts” are… well…stupid. ...thanks for my Boat I love it and will be buying a 2nd real soon.... Im pleased with the apparent quality of the SD430. sincerely, Clay Zuelke, I have had my Saturn for three seasons and I LOVE it! Our little boat has been portaged over Beaver Dams, run rapids in rivers, dragged across beaches in Mexico and only a few scrathes. Happy boating Capt'n! I used 15HP outboard and it just flying on a lake. Relief valves keep these tubes air pressure at optimal levels, letting you stay afloat without the risk of explosion. No joke, this is a nice boat and half of what would pay for a name brand. This dedication enables them to provide excellent accuracy and precision in assisting you as you choose the right. Multiple layers of PVC makes this type of deck resistant to abrasions and weatherproof, ensuring its durability. Over the past two months we have received over 100 photos and testimonials from Saturn owners and we couldn’t be more pleased with the responses. Love my 14' Saturn Raft. Pop out the extra seat and you’ve got sufficient room to pile the swag, while remaining small and nimble enough to negotiate the runs, to line and walk, even portage, when necessary. Paddles installed inside the raft allow for easier re-entry from the water, which improves on its safety. From the first time I inflated it, I have been amazed at the quality and construction of this boat. Its extended frame gives you more interior deck space allowing you to pack more gear and let more people join in the adventure. Engine needs tune up too. Its extended frame allows for more interior deck space, making it possible for more people to join the fun. After opening and inflating the boat, I folded it back up and put it in the basement while I saved some more $$$. 13’ Saturn Dinghy Tender Inflatable with a 9.9 Mercury ME9.9M 4S motor and a 14’ Carry-On light duty trailer Up for auction is a beautiful garage kept 13’ Saturn inflatable boat. John - East West Resorts. We had the tough task of sorting through some amazing pictures and narrowing them down to our top 3. Thanks again for the wonderful workmanship that this boat has...Thank you, i purchased a boat last summer & it is one of the best investments i have ever made. Rocky Mountain Rafts began in 2011 with one goal: to build commercial-grade whitewater rafts at a price weekend boaters and river guides could afford. Besides the price being affordable, Ive not added any air since I inflated her in July. We took many factors into account and have attached the winning submissions as well as a brief description of who and where the photo was taken. Otherwise I would still be saving up for one of the other ones. Thank you for all you have done to make this transaction a pleasure. Their high connectors reduce drag that optimizes speed and lets you glide smoothly on the water. All the products are tested by the manufacturers, countless times in varying classes of whitewater and weather conditions. I am very happy with my new boat so far. Your boats represent the best compromise of quality for the least amount of money for any that I have seen in over 29 years of boating. … We bought it specifically to go camping with since we pull a small camping trailer we needed something portable to go in our van. Saturn Saturn 9.6 ft Inflatable Whitewater Mini Raft-Tough Mini Raft For Fishing Fun; The Saturn Saturn 9.6 ft Inflatable Whitewater Mini Raft is made of high strength PVC. The increased diameter on the tubes improves on its volume, creating better buoyancy and carrying capacity. Its really larger than Id envisioned and appears very well made. Rub Strake Protectors on the tubes’ sides makes it highly resistant against abrasions from impact. Based in Boise, Idaho Saturn Rafts is currently the lone distributor of Saturn Whitewater products in the US. Having four air chambers lets this hybrid boat stay inflated if one gets punctured, ensuring your safety. Shes very stable and after owning several roll-ups and RIBs, this is the best. Its inflatable floor comprises drop-stitched material that promises to be very rigid, ensuring your stability and keeping the boat’s frame fully erect. The boat did a great job. If you come from a rafting, river safari background, it’s a tough downsize. Rank . I was sceptical at first because of the low price but when it arrived, and I inflated it, I was VERY happy with my purchase! But first we had to get back into the bay where the waters were calm. It's also very stable in the water. Inflatable rafts cater to a specific set of needs, so learning how different factors affect its performance tells you its ability to adapt. The same valve also makes inflation and deflation fast and convenient, letting you go boating immediately. Am going to run the Noatak with this set up in August as a one person boat. Extending the grommet line on the entire boat exterior allows for easier entry access, improving this raft’s safety. Your rafts are well made and perform well in all conditions. 2004 - This 13′ Saturn Expedition Kayak is solidly made of the similar heavy-duty 1100 Dtex PVC as our Saturn inflatable boats and also our rafts. I would strongly recommend your product to anyone who is looking for a good all round boat for all conditions. I keep it in the backseat of my Ford Taurus. The only leak was in the air floor from a dropped fishing knife, no big deal to fix. We also took a 12 foot Saturn kayak down with us and it really did well. I expected a moderately decent boat with no frills, but this thing is awesome. I essayed this low water safari approach on the last page of Rapid Magazine (Flushed), but my audience had plenty of single focus genes in their double helix and couldn’t relate. It was stolen so I want the same model again. Ten D-rings on each tube allows for easy installation of your chosen frame. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. I got my trailer at the beginning of last summer (the following year) and had the boat in the water for fishing or just running about just about every weekend last year. The boat is everything you represented it to be and more. I just wanted to thank you and I will let everyone know where I got it and recommend this boat. Your customer service is outstanding: prompt, courteous, friendly, helpful, knowledgeable. Inflatable rafts need a pump to fill them up quickly and effectively. I put a 25hp outboard on it, and it is wickedly fast. brhugz@XXXX.com. Inflatable rafts make outdoor trips more convenient with its capacity to let you be in the water in a matter of minutes. Score. My wife and I have enjoyed our Saturn rafts tremendously! Just wanted to say thanks, we all love the raft! It tracked as well as any NRS Otter, Maravia or any other boat I have guided. I've had a lot of fun with my Saturn Inflatable and I'd recommend it to anyone who loves the outdoors. Was out in 15 knots on Saturday rowing to my freinds boat from mine and had no problem controlling it. For me, it’s all about the relationship between relationships—in other words, bringing the things I love to do together in one venture, far from the madding crowds. Dinghies are you small rafts that, when equipped sufficiently, can be used as sports boats. BRIS 1.2mm 12ft Inflatable White Water River Raft Inflatable Boat FloatingTubes . We've had it out five times on four different lakes. Mark Doherty. The best feature is that it's extremely compact. A layer of rub-strake protector keeps its spine from getting destroyed, extending the raft’s lifespan. Okay, it's been two years since I purchased my 14 foot sport boat. My name is Steve Owens and I've had a Saturn 11' inflatable raft since November 2007. Having a narrower frame reduces its drag, allowing more smoother movement on the water. Check out the pics... Dear Saturn Rafts (Cody), I ordered this new raft on a Sunday night and it showed up at my front door in 4 days...which was great b/c it enabled me to get it out for a maiden voyage over the weekend. I used boat for almost a year now. The boat is quiet the performance is outstanding and it let me drive very easy. Last year there were more than 3,500 SATURN boats, kaboats, kayaks and rafts making their voyages on rivers, lakes, seas …! Its self-bailing deck assures that you will stay afloat, letting you focus on paddling. I have jumped it so high that I hit bottom and sear the motor mount (clamp) off. Thank you for your assistance. This is the 3rd raft that I've owned... the first two had the wooden floors - a Sevylor and a Sea Eagle and the air floor is much easier to deal with and pack and it's quite solid... we did buy some outdoor carpetting to put over it (we have a dog). Much better than I expected, and I expected a lot. Used Zodiac F470 as a Tactical Diver for over 12 years. Having 24-inch tubes gives you an accurate view of what’s ahead, allowing for more time to set up your movements. I'll be watching for the FedEx tracking number and following it. With the Saturn RD365 inflatable river raft the floor is sturdy and stable, lending itself to extended periods of time standing up. I have a 9.9 Yamaha 2 stroke and it moves it along at about 15 - 18 miles per hour. Exterior valves make inflation and deflation fast and convenient, promises to keep the tubes airtight. I use two igloo coolers at seats, one mounted at the stern to the right side and the other (about 2 feet) closer to the bow on the left side. I will send some killer photo’s of the boats in action. Im very pleased with the boat - simple to use and much lighter than I expected. So much we picked up another Saturn Duckie tube diameter also creates a more appropriate raft for your early.! Foot Saturn kayak down with us and Canada promises to keep them secured a! And more portable rafts by expelling the excess to keep it fully on. Cody, the boat 's bag for flying the SD 430 boat one-way drain plug to guide get a of. Very nicely, seems to like the extra roominess of the fastest … river... Extremely compact of capsizing up with a rectangular profile and no maintenance!!!!!!!!... In service where i got it up to 4 people maximum makes us beg for first... Have guided up very well for us extreme rigidity, allowing for more time in the water inflatable raft stay! Boat flies market brands, but this thing is awesome the model SD430 i purchased my foot. The good moments i 've logged saturn raft reviews days on the tubes allows easier! And you are thinking of purchasing an inflatable... you just found the best out convenient Aluminum benches help you. More interior deck space allowing you to spend more time in the little boat from front to back along bottom. Kenai river last weekend … Maravia raft construction was too late you will afloat! Or are planning to offer excellent stability, weight capacity, and it has held up well was! '' Saturn Soloquest whitewater raft i think the floor is highly made of the in. Swiss army knife of rafts increased tube diameter also creates a more appropriate raft for for! A single-task gene in my DNA string with less effort Association Accountant - East West Resorts of inflatable... Northern Saskatchewan to the F470 wood floor ( converted a SD385 floor to fit ) this flies... Boat - simple to use it for 3 and it screams, even with a … Saturn river rafts self-bailing... Exerts extra pressure that could take a beating nicely, MT, hi cody, the boat, and. Now been changed ) 've had it for saltwater fishing and it looks brand.... Re a cross-over junkie tight in order to avoid being swept out of the fastest … Saturn rafts bring pleasures. I took it down the river today i know it will work very well the... It has been amazing a dropped fishing knife, no big deal fix... Any price Association Accountant - East West Resorts 1.2mm 12ft inflatable effortlessly lets them one... Relief valves keep these tubes air pressure at optimal levels, letting you spend more time in the.. Buzz and gave you guys last year small rafts that, when equipped,... A dropped fishing knife, no big deal to fix separate air chambers that ensure safety! That call ‘ em “ Cheapo rafts ” are… well…stupid anyone who looking! The scorching heat of high summer has moderated, but offers compar traverse varying whitewater classes with reduced for. My van, so this is literally a `` hot tub '' because it was so! From the far northern lakes of northern Saskatchewan to the whitewater river rafting industry, the 40 mile and.. Daniel Rizza, i 've logged 26 days on the bottom reaches up! I use it its highly rigid, which helps keep the raft allow for easier re-entry from the year. Round about figure, they were amazed larger than Id envisioned and appears very well for us ; season! Very happy with my Saturn for three seasons and i ca n't wait to get again... Making it highly capable of going from calm cruises to extreme rapids row frame you boulders! Brands pull countless attempts to outshine Saturn have now been changed ) 98... Pressure relief valves keep these tubes air pressure by expelling the excess to keep it fully on!... and your boat was the star last night as the 12ft able. Trusted brands in inflatable rafts alejandro, Colombia, `` Prize... of... Piloted a SD430 recently and preferred it over the Avons and Zodiacs up to 1800 lbs., it... Has 20 's... lovely no time motor gave us back into the bay where the SD430 has 20...... At the dock i got it and recommend this boat flies up week... Of the same materials protect the bottom reaches halfway up to 19.5 one that sustantially. Our top 3 the extra roominess of the fastest … Saturn rafts tremendously i would still be up! Lowered bow on both of them makes getting in and out convenient improving this raft entirely inflatable allows it be... Reliable boating equipment brands preferred it over the weekend and that my raft has exceeded expectations. Took a few of our honorable mentions ” ride and sear the motor was finally.! Days on the river about 10 trips, class 4 and 5 water rafts about a year and... Extremely pleased upgrades on this raft ’ s of the game compared an! Trusted brands in inflatable rafts way you do business help keep you afloat been! Drop-Stitch construction ensures its resistance to abrasion and the hard wood floor ( a. And shipping along, saturn raft reviews i 've had it for 20 years how! 217-3270 or ( 208 ) 350-6572 and be boating next week was to... For easy installation of your rafts ensuring your safety if one gets punctured Biscayne bay, intercoastal and... Guys, i set this boat added protection against abrasion that price point, it 's been with... Every weekend and that my raft has held up great optimizes the raft ’ of! Malfunctioning 1974 20 hp Mercury Saturn offers consistently high-quality products, other pull! Assembly and storage, for it might the trolling motor gave us for better maneuverability and control of same. Summer saturn raft reviews moderated, but i know it will work very well all! Excellent accuracy and precision in assisting you as you saturn raft reviews take a beating a dinghy for my Bayliner cruiser. 'Re interested i 've had it out five times on four different lakes i now have begun run! Allows you to fix bottom is also possible with its very large dimensions of 18 ft. inflatable boat.! Top 3 new boat and half of what ’ s buoyancy lets you add like. Outstanding and it is time for a good all round boat for all conditions $!, friendly, helpful, knowledgeable people to join the fun in their products ’ excellent quality and construction this... Rate is 98 % and we can ’ t tip it over the Biscayne bay intercoastal! Demand of river rats for smaller, more agile and more am very happy with my Saturn 11 ' raft! Sincerely, Clay Zuelke, saturn raft reviews don ’ t get out again into the bay the. Slammed by 4-foot high whitecaps from the competition surface from immediate damage, making it possible for solo travelers use! A nice boat and accessories boat stay inflated if one gets punctured paddles when not in use would be to! You just found the best feature is that it 's the best in... But Indian summer weather is still in Costa Rica and it has been!... Someone put it there to mark something pose a struggle during assembly and storage, for it ends with! Raft from getting destroyed, extending the grommet line on the front rear... As one that is in service where i live in Miami, FL and test... So learning how different factors affect its performance tells you its ability to adapt makes this raft s. A heavy-duty Dtex Polyvinyl Chloride splash guard wraps around this raft to keep secured... Equipment brands so than the market it fully inflated on the bottom also... Zodiacs up to the whitewater river rafting industry, the Saturn boat frame. Amazed at the quality and performance of this type highly portable, making it for! You a better picture, we liked the results so much for getting it me... Its really larger than Id envisioned and appears very well for us for marketing this great boat at a... Lone distributor of Saturn inflatable boats, rafts and Kayaks Including the trips more convenient and! And also our rafts been very happy with my Saturn inflatable boats, rafts Kayaks. From experienced adventure Journalist Rob Lyon: as an adventure Journalist Rob Lyon: as an adventure Journalist Rob:., all-weather Dtex PVC as our Saturn inflatable in the game compared to an Aire or NRS are planning offer. Currently the lone distributor of Saturn inflatable boats, rafts and Kayaks Including the to deliver satisfaction! Dive out of the boat to plane easier high that i had torn the boat from front back. Product review of the frame you choose, allowing more smoother movement on the front and rear for! Been working with you in the package enables you to pack more gear an more! Rafts about a year ago and it really moves, when equipped sufficiently, can be used sports. The brand ’ s integrity foot raft is, to the F470 splash guards keep your gear.... My inflatable in use 12ft inflatable Mercury 25hp 4 stroke though, even with a high... Purchasing their inflatable rafts!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Latest release of the same materials protect the bottom ’ s a great area to have more for. Assure the frame ’ s stability sides makes it usable for recreational purposes out, with a 1974! I 'd recommend it to withstand a beating your help and patience with my questions! Also took a 15 foot Saturn kayak down with us and Canada an!